Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

Sumbal Minor’s rape: Medical report rules out rape

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SRINAGAR (HS) May 28 : The medical report prepared in case of an alleged rape of a minor in Sumbal village of Bandipora district has stated that there was no sufficient evidence to confirm that the child has been sexually assaulted.

In its report submitted to police investigation officer, the authorities in Sheri Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) medical college Bamina have stated that there were no marks of injury on any part of the body including the private parts.

“There was no active bleeding from vagina or anus the mere presence of the faint blood stains and a macula papular rash on buttocks is not sufficient evidence to confirm that the child has been sexually assaulted,” reads the medical report available with HS.

It states that the actual source of bleeding could not be determined as there was no evidence of any injury around the vaginal orifice. “Also the blood stains were not dry blood but faint stains only and could not be scrapped and sent for examination,” it reads.

The report states that the stains were very faint, almost negligible, and were not dried blood which could have been scrapped off from it and sent for analysis.

“There was no evidence of  any trauma, injury, bleeding at or around the vaginal orifice or anal opening. Macula popular rash can arise due to multiple of reasons,” the report reads.