Tue. Jul 27th, 2021

Yoga to regain strength post-Covid, says Prof. Tripathi

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PRAYAGRAJ, JUNE 20 (HS): “Yoga is a strong tool for achieving physical and mental equilibrium. Human anxiety and stress can be managed with yoga,” Professor Nilimp Tripathi, Chairman, Department of Vedas and Yoga, Maharishi Vedic University, Bhopal, shared this viewpoint. On Sunday, he was the keynote speaker at Samdaria School of Special Education Dandupur Prayagraj’s e-learning lecture series on “Economics of Yoga in Contemporary Perspectives.”

According to Professor Tripathi, India possesses significant Vedic wisdom. Yoga is a thousand-year-old Indian tradition. Even in the face of adversity, one should strive to remain devoid of violence in thought, word, and deed. Yoga has gained global respect as a wonderful scientific method that teaches how to live life in the post-Corona period. Professor Tripathi defined Yama-Nyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi as particularly relevant at this time while addressing Maharishi Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga Philosophy in depth.

Organized on the eve of International Yoga Day, this program was held in two sessions. In the morning, under the able guidance of yoga gurus PK Tiwari and Vineet Pandey, various asanas were practised among the masses. For a healthy life, the instructors also provided subtle information about different modes of yoga and pranayama. The program started with Gita Shlok Swastivachan presented by Bal Batuk Pandit Shrirang Tripathi. The guests were welcomed by Dr. Mani Shankar Dwivedi, Director of Samdaria School, Dr. Ambika Prasad Pandey, and the vote of thanks given by Dr. Babli Dwivedi. Dr. Madhukaracharya Tripathi took over the technical responsibility. Dr. Pradeep Sharma, Prabhakaracharya Tripathi, Dr. CS Choubey, Dr. Vimla Mishra, Dr. Meena Patel, Ashwani Tripathi, Neetu Singh, Suman, Sarla, Tripti Jaiswal, Badri Sarada, Ritesh Pandey, Gauri Rana, Dr. Brijesh Dwivedi, Soumya Dwivedi, Divya Samdaria etc. were prominently present on this occasion. .