Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

We want meaningful positive debate on Pandemic in Parliament: PM

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New Delhi, 19 July (H.S): The Prime Minister Narendra Modi Monday said that vaccine is being adminstered in Bahu (arms) and the person who is taking it is Bahubali. He further said that the only way to become Baahubali to fight against corona is to get vaccinated. He was speaking during the start of the Monsoon Session of the Parliament today.

The Prime Minister said that over 40 crore people have become ?Baahubali? in the fight against Corona. “It is being taken forward rapidly. The pandemic has gripped the entire world, the entire human race. Therefore, we want meaningful debates in the Parliament over the pandemic. It should be given the highest priority so that we get all the practical suggestions from all the honorable MPs so that there can be a lot of innovation in the fight against the pandemic. If there are some shortcomings, then they can be rectified and we can move forward together in this fight,” Modi said.

He further said, “I have also requested all the floor leaders to take time out in the evening tomorrow because I want to give them a detailed presentation on the pandemic situation. We want the discussion in the House as well as outside with all the floor leaders, because I have been continuously meeting chief ministers. Discussions are taking place at different forums. It will be convenient if there is a discussion with the floor leaders along with the debate in the House.”

The Prime Minister said, “Let this session be result oriented with effective debates so that the government can give people the answers sought by them. I would urge all the honorable MPs and all the parties to ask the most difficult and sharpest questions in the Houses but should also allow the Government to respond in a peaceful atmosphere. Democracy is strengthened when truth reaches people. It also strengthens people?s trust and improves the pace of development.”

PM Modi said, “Friends, the internal arrangement during this session is not like the last time, everyone is going to sit and work together because almost everyone has been vaccinated. I once again thank you all very much and urge you to take care of yourself. Let us all work together to fulfil the hopes and aspirations of the country.”