Fri. Nov 27th, 2020

Swara Bhaskar new web series on Amazon Prime, Rasbhari, gets trolled

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New Delhi, June 26 (HS) Lyricist and Central Board of Film Certification chairman Prasoon  Joshi on Friday expressed his displeasure over the scene of actor Swara Bhaskar’s latest Amazon prime web series Rasbhari.

Prasoon Joshi wrote on twitter, “Saddened by Webseries  #Rasbhari’s irresponsible content portraying a little girl child dancing provocatively in front of men drinking. Creators & audience need 2 seriously rethink Freedom of expression or freedom of exploitation? Let’s spare children in the desperate need 4 entertainment.”

Swara wrote on twitter to clarify the scene, “With respect sir, perhaps you have misunderstood the scene. It’s absolutely opposite to how you have described it. The child is dancing by her own choice, the father gets awkward and embarrassed on seeing it. The girl is simply dancing. She doesn’t know that the society will sexualise her too. That’s all there is to this scene,” she wrote.

She also shared a tweet by another Twitter user who talked about the realism of the scene. “Sir, I feel like the scene has misrepresented itself to you. Or you’ve missed the glaring subtext and meta satire. We’ve all lived through the family circus and dance. This isn’t a gender or age myopic exploitation, it’s the hypocrisy of the effects of pop culture on society,” it read.

Swara’s father also tweeted his congratulations on the release. “Bravo @ReallySwara …proud of u ….for your professional versatility….small & big screens,” he wrote. Swara Bhashkar replied on his tweet,  “Daddy! Please don’t watch it when I’m around due to the bold nature of the show.”