Sat. Aug 13th, 2022

Shelters For homeless peoples: Arvind Kumar

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Telangana: Hyderabad: May 29 (HS)   Principal Secretary municipal administration Arvind Kumar today asked the officials to complete the enumeration of urban homeless persons in their respective local bodies by the 10th of next month.  Addressing the municipal commissioners, he asked them to have the data of the homeless persons ready so as to provide them birth certificates, Aadhar card, pensions and bank accounts as well.  Civic officials have to ensure that none of the shelter less people lack basic facilities.  He also asked them to ensure that medical check-up is regularly conducted for the urban homeless. Municipal commissioners should visit the centres regularly and should take pride in taking care of all the homeless, he added.

Officials informed that out of the total 143 urban local bodies in the state53 ULBs have shelters.  11389 residents are staying in these shelters.  While 5807 shelter residents have been provided Aadhar card, 787 have voter ID card, 1555 residents are availing pensions while 3497 have ration cards. 136 residents have availed legal advisor while 201 shelter residents have enrolled in insurance schemes.  694 residents have been referred to angan wadi centres, 5728 residents receive free food from shelters.  1050 health camps have been conducted till date and 129 of them have been referred to hospital for surgeries.  1541 residents have opened bank accounts, they added.