Tue. Jul 7th, 2020

Senate approves one trillion dollars to help coronavirus victims

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Washington, Mar 20 (HS): The Senate on Friday approved a trillion dollars help for the coronavirus victims. The Democrat-majority delegation in Congress has already approved this amount. Of this amount, 500 billion dollars will be given to all US taxpayers who are unable to sustain employment due to the coronavirus. Besides, a minimum of 1200 dollar per person and 2400 dollars per couple would be given by the US govt. Cheques of this amount will be given in the months of April and May.

Coronavirus is shutting down factories and commercial establishments in various parts of the US. Landlords are also troubled by vacant houses. To overcome all these problems, a large portion of the 500 billion dollars in aid for Corona virus victims will be given to all US states citizens, while other expenditures will be spent on strengthening the healthcare system.

Apart from this central assistance amount, the state governments have also been spending billions of dollars on their own behalf.