Wed. Mar 29th, 2023

Rumor of a bomb in Air India Flight, Emergency Landing in London

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London, Jun. 27 (HS): Air India 191 Mumbai-Newark flight has made an emergency landing at London Stansted Airport due to a bomb threat. Air India said flight AI 191 from Mumbai to Newark had made a precautionary landing at London Stansted Airport “due to bomb threat.”
London Stansted Airport wrote on twitter,Our runway has now re-opened and is fully operational following a precautionary landing of Air India flight.We are sorry for any disruption caused by the incident and would like to thank you for your patience.
The UK’s Defense Ministry said, “Air India’s plane was safely taken off at Stansted Airport in the security of British fighter jets.” According to the tweet, the flight was diverted to London after the threat . Later, at Stansted Airport, the plane was landed at 10.15 am local time in the monitoring of the Essex Police. However, there was no threat in the investigation. After this the flight was again sent Newark.