Tue. Oct 27th, 2020

Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas make donations to Assam flood relief measures

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New Delhi, July 27 (HS) Actor-singer couple Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have announced donations towards Assam flood relief measures and have pledged their support to NGOs that are involved in relief and rescue operations in the state.

Early on Monday, Priyanka took to social media to share her initiative and requested her fans to lend a helping hand as well. She shared links for a couple of organisations that one can make donations to.

She said, “While we are all still dealing with the effects of the global pandemic, the Indian state of Assam has been grappling with another major crisis. It has been devastated by floods triggered by heavy monsoon showers affecting the lives of millions. The rapidly rising water level has also flooded the Kaziranga National Park, one of the finest wildlife santuaries in the world.”

“They need our attention and support. I’m sharing details of a few credible organizations that are doing some good work on the ground in Assam, and Nick and I have made a donation to each. Let us support them so they can continue to help those in need. #Assamfloods #PrayForAssam #AssamNeedsHelp,” Priyanka tweeted.”

Priyanka Chopra wrote on twitter, “#Assamfloods #PrayForAssam #AssamNeedsHelp.You can make a donation here: Rapid Response:

https://rapidresponse.org.in/assam-floods.html, Action Aid: https://actionaidindia.org/assam-flood-relief-2020/?utm_source=Website&utm_medium=Banner_Assam_Floods&utm_campaign=Website_Banner_Assamfloods”

Priyanka Chopra is the brand ambassador of Assam and has taken many initiatives to support the tourism in the state. Earlier Priyanka and Nick also donated to the Coronovirus Relief Fund and shared links of charities too. She had also donated to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund and the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.