Tue. Jan 19th, 2021

Prime Minister Modi greets NSG Black Cats on its ‘Raising Day’

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New Delhi, 16 October (HS): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday greeted NSG Black Cats personnel and their families on NSG’s Raising Day.

In a tweet, PM Modi said, “On their Raising Day, greetings to NSG Black Cats personnel and their families. NSG plays a crucial role in India’s security apparatus. It has been associated with utmost courage and professionalism. India is proud of NSG’s efforts to keep India safe and secure.”

NSG or National Security Guard is Federal Contingency World Class Zero Error Force to deal with anti-terrorist activities. It is an elite unit under the Ministry of Home Affairs which was formed back in 1984 following Operation Blue Star. NSG personnel are sometimes referred to as ‘The Black Cats’.