Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Photo Exhibition on ‘Holi in Corona’

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A photo exhibition was organized in the Mass Communication and Video Production Department of Gossner College on Saturday on the theme ‘Holi in Corona’. All teachers and students used masks and sanitizers along with social distancing, keeping in mind the Corona Guidelines at the exhibition wherein the students of the three semesters of the department participated extensively.

The main objective of this photo exhibition was to enhance the talent within all the students and to enhance the artistic quality in them and to advance in this field. The students also gave a message to be vigilant in the corona-period through photography, along with taking care of the precautions, Holi is to be celebrated at home with the families, playing Holi in a pleasant color, and washing hands. They urged to stay, spread awareness on this too. At the same time, photography also showed the mask and sanitizer that you should not forget to apply it in the celebration of Holi.
The winners were announced at the end of the exhibition wherein the first position was bagged by R Raza of Semester 3, the second place by Dev Hembrom of Semester 1 and the third position by Poonam Kumari of Semester 5 as well as Manish Ekka of Semester 1 in the special category followed by Aman Kachhap, Anuj Kumar and Deepali as new comers in Photography.