Tue. May 11th, 2021

Pakistan general gets life imprisonment for spying

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New Delhi/Islamabad, May.31(HS): A Pakistani general has been awarded life sentence for espionage by a military court that also ordered death sentences to a brigadier and a civil officer. The trio were charged with espionage and leaking “sensitive information to foreign agencies”, Pakistan’s army said.

Pak Army also added that Army Chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa “endorsed” their sentences. The army did not reveal any further details about these convicts. However most observers would naturally point to the CIA for this act of Pak army.

Now, Lieutenant General Javed Iqbal (retired) will serve 14 years of “rigorous imprisonment” – a life term in Pakistan. Iqbal held key positions in the military during his active service, including director-general of military operations, which is responsible for planning and executing all operations inside and outside of Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Brigadier Raja Rizwan (retired) was given a death sentence, as was Wasim Akram, a doctor who worked for a “sensitive” organisation which has not been named. It is not clear if officers above the rank of brigadier have in the past been convicted of spying for another country, but some senior officials have been convicted either for planning military takeovers or for links to militant groups.
Pakistan’s army has its own court system and those convicted are entitled to appeal.