Fri. Oct 30th, 2020

Number of people killed by coronavirus in China reaches 2,984.

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Beijing, Mar 04 (HS): The number of people died of coronavirus in China has increased to 2,984. Also, 80, 422 cases have been confirmed while 47, 260 people have been recovered.

Out of China, 10,566 cases have been confirmed and more than 166 people have died of this virus. Many countries issued an alert. In South Korea, at least 5, 328 people are infected while 32 people have died. The US has confirmed 120 cases, out of which nine people are killed due to coronavirus. Besides, 77 persons have died so far in Iran.

Several major countries have banned flights due to the rapid spread of coronavirus. Japan’s two major airline services, Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airlines have decided to reduce their domestic flights from 06 to 12 March.

It is noteworthy that the deadly coronavirus that started from Wuhan city has now spread across the world. Large numbers of people are dying from this virus.