Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

Narendra Giri death: Balbir Giri pins hope on probe agencies to reveal the truth

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PRAYAGRAJ, October 8 (HS): Mahant Balbir Giri, speaking to the media for the first time after being appointed as head of the Baghambari Math, expressed confidence that the agencies investigating the death of his Guru, Mahant Narendra Giri, would reveal the truth very soon. “I had refrained from speaking to the media because I was very devastated by the tragic death of my teacher (Narendra Giri). I am optimistic that the truth will be revealed soon,? he stated on Thursday. Balbir Giri, who was appointed on Tuesday, spoke about how he will run the famed Math on a day-to-day basis.

“For the past 18-20 years, I have been a Digambar sanyasi, practising the Sanatan parampara (practices). I’ll present my ideas to my senior Akhara seers and request their advice, and if I’m correct, they’ll bless my choices.” The secretary of the Niranjani Akhara, Mahant Ravindra Puri, had previously declared that the Math, which is part of Niranjani Akhara, will be overseen by a five-member’supervisory board. Balbir Giri will need the consent of the five-member administrative committee for all key decisions, such as selling or purchasing land.

Mahant Dinesh Giri, Mahant Omkar Giri, Keshav Puri, and Mahant Har Govind Puri will be the other members of the body, in addition to Ravindra Puri. “I have sought the blessings of all the seers and have requested that they pray for the tranquility of my guru’s soul so that the Math runs normally as it did throughout my guru’s reign,” Balbir Giri continued. Balbir Giri spoke on his relationship with the Niranjani Akhara and how he would strike a balance with the Akhara “There is no need to strike a balance because I am a member of the Akhara’s ‘panch parmeshwar.’ I’d be working towards the advancement of Baghambari Math.”