Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

Narendra Giri: CBI questions newly-appointed successor Balbeer Giri as part of its probe

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PRAYAGRAJ Oct 10: The CBI team investigating the murder of former Akhil Bhartiya Akhada Parishad (ABAP) chief Narendra Giri interrogated his disciple Balbeer Giri, the newly designated successor and head of the Baghambari Gaddi Math. According to a senior official familiar with the investigation, Balbeer Giri was questioned for an hour about the incident at the Baghambari Gaddi Math, during which he was also asked about Anand Giri, one of the three accused, and allegations that he was harassing Narendra Giri since he was sidelined by him last year.

Officials from the CBI also attempted to obtain information on land sales and other financial transactions that may have had a role in the seer’s death. Two of the Sewadars, Babloo and Sumit, who were among the first to arrive at the scene where Narendra Giri’s body was discovered hanging from a ceiling fan on September 20, were questioned by the three-member CBI team. The sewadars were questioned for the third time by CBI agents in relation to the event.

“The team paid a visit to the Bade Hanuman temple on the banks of the Sangam, which was run by Mahant Narendra Giri till his death. The workers and priests there were questioned by the CBI team about Anand Giri, the second accused and a priest at the temple, Aadya Tiwari, and Aadya’s son Sandeep,” the officer stated. The CBI is thought to be conducting a psychological autopsy of the occurrence, which is one of the most valuable instruments for suicide research. The process entails gathering all available information on the deceased through organised interviews with family members, other relatives, friends, and co-workers in order to learn more about the circumstances that may have led to his death.

CBI officials are also attempting to put together the scenario through casual encounters with persons who had regular access to the Math premises and were either directly or indirectly aware of the everyday activities on the Math campus as part of the investigation. Despite Anand Giri’s insistence on foul play in his Guru’s death, CBI sleuths have maintained their distance from the media from the start. A suicide aspect is still considered to be emerging as the cause of Narendra Giri’s death.