Tue. Sep 22nd, 2020

MP CM uses technology for interaction and solution

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Bhopal, May 21 (HS): After the decision of lockdown by the Central Government, establishing good governance in the state following the social distance in the hour of crisis was a big challenge before  Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan,  who has a long governing experience to his credit. He accepted this challenge and made the National Informatics Centre and social media the medium to address the crisis. Chouhan communicated with different sections for a total of 149 hours through 81 video conferences. Under this arrangement,  Chouhan established a medium of communication between himself, officials and the people of the state. With the latest technology, better and continuous communication is being established between the government and the general public.
Neeraj Sharma, who joined the media team of CM , said that Chouhan has also made optimum use of social media by adopting all means of communication. He posted 58 videos on his Facebook account, 58 on Twitter as well as more than 108 videos on Facebook from March 23 till date and held direct discussion with the people of Madhya Pradesh through 22 live events. Along with this, his reach on Facebook became about 8 crore, 13 lakh impressions were received on Facebook handle every day and 23 lakh impressions were received on Twitter. Apart from this, more than 125 videos related to the important decisions and guidelines taken by the Chief Minister  regarding prevention of Corona Crisis and other arrangements have been posted on the CMO’s Facebook account since March 23, which has reach of about 4 crore 65 lakh including other posts.
 Chouhan is making full use of information and communication technology with his efficient administrative experience and insight to handle the Corona pandemic. A team of NIC is actively working in this direction.  Mayank Nagar, Senior Technical Director, NIC informed that the NIC has ensured quick communication with social distancing through video conferencing arrangements for the officers of different divisions and districts.