Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

MES Probationers Organized Blood Donation Camp at Dr MCR HRD Institute

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Telangana: Hyderabad: July 19 (HS) The Social Service Club of the Military Engineer Services Probationers from thirteen States from across the country, who are attending the Foundation Course at Dr. MCR HRD Institute, organized a Blood Donation Camp. The objective of the event was to spread awareness about the importance of donating blood in saving lives. The MES Probationers, Group –I Officers of Telangana State, Trainee Junior & Senior Accountants, and Trainee Junior Assistants contributed 44 units of blood. The Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS), Hyderabad, which was represented at the camp by its Medical and Para-Medical staff, was the recipient Institution.

M P Sethy, Chief Consultant (Training & e-Learning), Dr MCR HRD Institute said that blood donation is amongst the highest contributions rendered towards humanity. “India faces a blood shortage of a whopping 1.95 million units and a large number of patients, who need blood transfusion, suffer on account of severe non-availability of blood donors. A drop of blood donated is a life saved”, he said and added that sympathy alone cannot save people in chronic conditions, but blood can.

Dr. K Ramesh Babu, Director General’s Nominee for the Social Service Club said that blood donation, even in small quantities, is the most precious donation. “Blood cannot be manufactured as other things can, and it has to come from the donors alone,” he stressed.

Mr Mayank Agrawal, Secretary of the Social Service Club said that the hallmark of a Government job is service to the citizens. “Blood donation is one of the ways in which the officers can be of help to the society”, he said. “There are a lot of misconceptions related to blood donation which are not true. You do not lose anything if you donate blood as human body has a regenerating mechanism”, he added.

Miss Vidya, Mr Sunny Bothra, Mr Manish Sharma, and Mr Puneet Dhiman, Members of the Social Service Club, worked hard to make the event a great success. “The Blood Donation Camp was an occasion for the MES Probationers and the Trainees of Dr MCR HRD Institute to realize the importance of community service”, they opined unanimously.