Wed. Jul 15th, 2020

Mamata warns party leaders for corruption in rationing system

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Kolkata,09 May(HS): Expressing deep concern at the growing criticism at every level, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has warned all district authorities in West Bengal to implement the rationing system ‘flawlessly’ in all corners of the state with stern measures and cautioned her party leaders and workers for unnecessary interfering into its distribution and thereby getting involved in a number of corruption cases.
Addressing all-district Presidents and other leaders of Trinamool Congress through a Video Conference from Nabanna the Chief minister has made it amply clear that the distribution of free ration to the poor and the needy in every district including in Kolkata was solely the responsibility of the state administration where the ruling party leaders had nothing more to do.
In case of any problem the administration could seek the assistance of the police force for smooth and hassle-free distribution of free ration in some areas, the Chief Minister said and repeatedly asked all party workers and leaders not to come forward to mediate any such problem and interfere in the distribution system.
Referring to the allegations that a number of TMC leaders had been distributing the government rations in the name of relief to the poor at the present time of national distress, the Chief Minister said she would never allow any such complaint to go unheard.
If any party leader wanted to distribute relief they themselves should arrange money from their own resources and purchase those goods with their own money. Nobody should be allowed to divert the government food and rations in the name of the party or any individual, she warned.
Stating that a number of recent incidents of mismanagement and other allegations in the distribution of ration had been reported to her from various sources which had dented the image of the party as the saviour of the poor, the Chief Minister warned and said if any further such allegations came to her once again, nobody would be spared. All party workers need to stay away from such work., she said.
The stern warning of the Chief Minister at this juncture has assumed a special significance in the wake of large-scale criticism of the state government for allegedly mishandling the free rationing system in the state recently which even drew flanks from Governor Jagdeep Dhankar apart from various opposition leaders who largely pointed their fingers towards state civil supply and food minister Jyotipriyo Mallick and a section of other party leaders and charged them with getting involved in the largescale corruption in the system.
But on the contrary,  the Chief Minister openly praised the performance of Mallick in providing free ration to millions of poor and needy in the state and said all district Presidents and other party workers should work in unison for the benefit of the common people.
The opposition was always eager to find fault of the government even if there was no basis at all, she said and urged everybody to perform in such a manner that nobody could raise any finger against any one of them,  not now and not any other time also.