Wed. Jul 8th, 2020

Liverpool win EPL title without playing, Jordan overjoyed

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London, June 26 (HS) Jordan Henderson, captain of English football club Liverpool, expressed happiness over winning the English Premier League (EPL) title after 30 years, saying that finally winning the title after a long time is a pleasant feeling. Liverpool have won the EPL title after Chelsea beat Manchester City 2–1.
After ensuring the title win, Henderson said in an interview to the club’s website , ” Winning the title is a great feeling , it is hard to tell honestly. But the final whistle sounded very good. It is a pleasant feeling to finally win the title. “
He said, ” I can never describe the feeling of winning the Premier League , the way I cannot win the Champions League. It is a different feeling and I am proud of it. “
The captain said , “ I am honored to be a part of the journey I have gone with this manager , the players and the fans since I first came to this club . This is special. “
Liverpool needed only 2 points to win the title and they got these two points with the result of the match of Chelsea and Manchester City. Chelsea beat second-placed Manchester City 2–1. Liverpool lead the points table with 86 points.
City at number two has 63 points. City can no longer match Liverpool in the league , as they have 7 matches left. In this sense, Liverpool’s title is confirmed. When the league was halted due to Corona in March, Liverpool were 25 points ahead of second-placed Manchester City. Liverpool received the title for the first time since 1990. Interestingly, they got this achievement when the team did not even come on the field for the title match.