Thu. Apr 15th, 2021

Labour Day to protest against Farm Laws

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Ranchi, 27 February 2021 (HS)Labour Day was celebrated at Albert Ekka Chowk on the martyrdom day of the revolutionary martyr Chandrashekhar Azad and on the birth anniversary of the great social reformer Saint Ravidas, on the nationwide call of Kisan United Front in support of the ongoing peasant movement against the agricultural law.

The denizens here stressed that black law should be withdrawn and raised slogans to stop the oppression on the farmers, stop the attack on democracy, and stop selling the country. The Street Play Sabha, chaired by AITUC leader Ashok Yadav, was carried by by CITU general secretary Prakash Viplav, Anirvan Bose, Kisan Sabha general secretary Surjit Sinha, ACTU district secretary Bhuneshwar Kewat, AIYFI leader Ajay Kumar, DYFI secretary Sanjay Paswan, tribal rights forum Sukhnath Lohra, Veena Linda of Janwadi Mahila Samiti, Renu Prakash of Jales, ML Singh of Bank Federation, Triloki Nath of Aisa, Noori Akhtar and Aman Kumar of SFI.
Speakers felt that the Modi government is snatching up the farmers’ farming on one hand, taking away the rights of the workers through the Labour Code Act while on the other hand it is engaged in making the youth unemployed by selling government public properties. At the same time, it increasing the price of diesel, petrol and gas which in turn has put the burden of inflation on the general public. All sections of society will have to unite to overthrow this anti-people government, said Ashok Yadav.