Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Kolkata residents have only three major Life Goals; survey reveals

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Kolkata, 26 June (HS): As the people in rest of India has an average five or six ‘Life Goals’ in their whole span of life,those living in this City of Joy have only three major Life Goals of owning a house of their own, buying a car and take care of  their health and fitness.
This interesting and the first of its kind statistics was revealed in a nationwide comprehensive study called  ‘India’s Life Goals Preparedness Suvey 2019’, conducted under the aegis of the country’s leading private Life Insurer Bajal Allianz Life.
Highlighting the details of the All India survey, conducted among nearly 2,000 odd people living in four Metro cities and eight non metro cities across the country during the past about a month, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Bajaj Allianz, Tarun Chugh here today informed that however it was more interesting to find out that when the people of Kolkata had only three major Life goals like owning a house,purchasing a car and take care of their health,those living in Mumbai had as many as ten Life goals,and those in New Delhi  and Chennai had eight and seven life goals respectively.
Even the people in two non metro cities in Eastern India -namely Patna and Bhubaneswar – had as many as five Life goals on an average.
Quoting further from the  findings of the survey and elaborating the rational behind conducting such a nationwide exercise for the first time in the country’s long history, Chugh told Hindusthan Samachar that  in their entire exercise as many as 150 Life goals were mapped.
Though on an average every Indian had five or six Life goals, some of them were really very much unconventional for having rather uncommon life goals like travel,entrepreneurship among women,and  steps to re establish their connection with self, Chugh said.
‘In fact it was very interesting to note that when more and more Indians wanted to become some sort of entrepreneur in these days, the trend to become a trader was much more among women than the menfolks’, he said adding that unlike in Kolkata, at least four out of every ten women surveyed elsewhere in India wanted to become entrepreneurs.
Moreover, he said the retirement related life goals were now becoming a priority too specially among  men of 40 plus and this was reflected when the survey had found that as much as 74 per cent people in Kolkata wanted to invest in Life Insurance schemes,compared to about 60 per cent in rest of India
Asked about the top most life goal of an average resident of Kolkata of owning his or her own house instead of living in a rented house for long, as was revealed in the survey and the reasons behind it, Chugh said it seemed that the people in this great city were fully content with their life in terms of other life goals and wanted to spend their time with family in a secured environment instead of taking risks, which was most common in Mumbai and Pune.
About their desire to purchase a new car,he said  such a goal was found to be at par with the young generation in rest of the country,including those in non metro cities  There was nothing unusual about it, he said and added that about 58 per cent of people surveyed were found be agreed with it .
Turning his attention towards the greater desire of Kolkatans to invest more in health and fitness, unlike in most of the other cities, the MD and CEO of Bajaj Allianz said keeping in view the new trend, they were planning to launch a number of women specific and retirement related  pension schemes for the people later this year to ensure that  the beneficiaries would be able to enjoy the major benefits of each of their schemes during their lifetime and not leaving everything for their families and the nominees to enjoy them after their (insurers) death.
It is new concept which we would like to cash in during the coming years,he said but refused to provide any further insight to his plan at the present juncture.’We shall continue to participate in such survey to go deeper into the mindsets of the people of this country’,he said replying to another query.