Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

India among top ten of twitter user countries

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New delhi, May 30(HS): Social media platform Twitter has reached to 33 crore users across world by 30th April, 2019. In last decade, 30 crore million users have been added on this platform according to Statista-a data portal.
It has become a perfect medium for public figures to put across their messages to their followers. On this plateform, users can post messages consisting of  maximum 280 characters to their followers. The top most user country of Twitter is US with approximately 4.945 crore users. Japan stands second with 3.835 crore twitter users. UK ranks third with 1.41 crore twitter users while Saudi Arabia captures 4th position with 1.019 crore users.
While Russia, Brazil, Turkey, India, Mexico, Spain come next in the list of top 10 twitter using countries consecutively with some lakhs’ differences. India is at 8th rank with 78.6 lakh tweeple (tweeter users).