Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

Corruption-free governance in the state: AP Chief Minister

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Andhra Pradesh: Amaravathi: June 25(HS) Setting the tone for transparent and corruption- free governance, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has asked the bureaucrats to receive people with a smile and help in transforming Andhra Pradesh into a model state besides infusing confidence among the people that this government is here to deliver.

Addressing his maiden Collectors’ Conference, the Chief Minister said that transparency and zero tolerance towards corruption are the watchwords and service motto should be absorbed in the hierarchy which should percolate down the line to the masses. The Party manifesto should be displayed prominently in all offices and the contents should be imbibed in the system from the top level to the Mandal and village level.

He has also promised to give 25 lakh house Pattas on Ugadi and told the Collectors that the land should be identified, acquired and properly marked so that the beneficiary knows which is their land and it should be registered in the name of the woman of the house. A new order has to set in where corruption will not be spared at any level and stern action should be taken against all illegal activities including sand mafia, loot of public money and gambling and public has to get a feel of the winds of change, he said.

The legislature and executive are two eyes in a democracy and the functioning would be faultless if there is clarity and conviction as you are the vehicles to deliver the government schemes to the people who have voted us to power.

‘You should ensure that the delivery mechanism of all welfare schemes is working in perfect tandem and ensure that all eligible persons get the benefits on a saturation basis and do not see the caste, creed, religion or political affiliations before sanctioning the benefits.

The marginalised sections, minorities and women should get their due share of welfare schemes as promised. The Navaratnas should reach all eligible households and the administration will be strengthened further with Village Volunteers for every 50 houses and Village Secretariats for every 2,000 persons.

Corruption at any level will not be tolerated and the Call Centre at Chief Minister’s Office will act on any complaint on part of the volunteers. Sand mafia and public loot should be stopped immediately and the message that this government means business should go down the line to the general public through the changes in governance. Transparency will open up information by starting district portals and putting on public domain all the data, including complaints received, the status, and every detail of all departments.

In continuation of the mass contact programme, he said, the Collectors and other officials down the line should reserve Mondays for hearing grievances and there should be proper acknowledgement to the petitions with a mention of timeline as to when the issue would be sorted out.

In a word of caution to the stiff upper-lip bureaucrats, he said, receive the people with a smile and asked the Collectors to go for a surprise night halts at Public Health Centers, Hostels and other such places to know the ground reality and interact with the locals frequently.

Random checking of petitions from the citizens should be done from the level of Chief Minister to District Collectors which shows that the official machinery is on the move and working.  The Racha Banda programme will be revived where the Chief Minister will talk to the people directly, he said.

There would be zero tolerance towards corruption and any proposal coming from anyone which is outside the legal framework should be turned down, he said.