Thu. Nov 26th, 2020

CoronaVirus: Two foreigners died in China, 29 citizens of several countries infected with corona

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Beijing, Feb 21 (HS): The death toll in China from Corona is constantly increasing, now the foreign nationals living there are also falling prey to it. Chinese health officials said that corona infection was found in a total of 29 foreign nationals there. Of these, 18 have been released from the hospital after treatment, while the remaining foreign nationals are under treatment. The death toll from corona in China has reached 2128.

Ding Xiangyang, deputy secretary-general of the State Council of China, said, “Corona infection has been detected in 27 foreign nationals in Wuhan. Of these, 18 foreign people have been discharged from the hospital after treatment, while the remaining 9 are under treatment. Two foreign nationals have died before. “However, he did not disclose to which country these citizens belong.

An American and a Japanese citizen have already died by Corona in Wuhan. Apart from this, corona infection was also found in four Pakistani citizens. Three of them were discharged from the hospital after treatment. 800 to 1000 Pakistani nationals are still stranded in China. Apart from this, America, Britain, Japan, Sri Lanka and Nepal have airlifted hundreds of their citizens.