Wed. Jul 8th, 2020

Casemiro credits Karim Benzema for his goal during clash against Espanyol

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Barcelona, ​June 29 (HS) : Real Madrid star footballer Casemiro credited teammate Karim Benzema for his goal against Espanyol in the La Liga match.
In the 45 + 1 minute match against Espanyol, Casemiro scored on Karim Benzema’s superb back-heeled. It was the only goal scored in the match and the victory propelled Real Madrid to the top of the league table.
Casemiro said in a video posted on the club’s official Twitter handle, “For me, what Karim did is normal. We all know the qualities he possesses are not possessed by anyone else. I know him. I know how he plays. I asked for the ball in space and his back hill pass was incredible. It’s Karim’s goal. You should congratulate him. “
Real Madrid now have 71 points and are at the top of the table in La Liga. Barcelona, ​​ranked second, has 69 points. Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane also expressed satisfaction over the victory and congratulated the players.
He said, “I want to congratulate the players. The effort they put in was incredible. We played against the team below in the score table, but despite that it was a complicated match. We know this is not the end. Now we are at the top of the table and we have to maintain our top position now. We have six finals left. Right now I am happy with the match. Now we have to rest.”