Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Career planning is an indeed and unending process: K Srinivas

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Telangana: Hyderabad: July 16 (HS) Additional Secretary, Department of Personnel & Training, Government of India K Srinivas, IAS, addressed the Military Engineer Services (MES) Probationers from 13 States, who are undergoing a Foundation Course at Dr MCR HRD Institute.

Srinivas said that in the past, Government employees had a tunnel vision of the career opportunities and, therefore, spent the entire span of their service only in one department. However, the contemporary world of work has undergone exponential changes and thereby brought in its wake innumerable career opportunities.

Continuing his address, Srinivas said that one should keep diversifying and enriching his competencies and stake his claim for a large number of career opportunities not only inside but also outside his own organization. “Going on deputation to other organizations could be a good option”, he stated and added that in the years to come Government employees will have innumerable opportunities to explore in different organizations, instead of working merely in their watertight compartments.

“Exposure to multiple organizations will be greatly instrumental not only in understanding the administrative issues in their true and total frame of reference but also in finding innovative solutions to problems”, Srinivas opined and added that career planning is not a one-shot affair; it is, indeed an unending process of continuous career progression.

B P Acharya, IAS, Spl. Chief Secretary to Government of Telangana & DG, Dr. MCR HRD Institute, who also spoke on this occasion, said that the thorough knowledge of engineering alone, which is the great strength of the ME Probationers, is not enough for touching the commanding heights of their careers. “A deliberate attempt to acquire knowledge of all the other related disciplines holds the key for attaining an outstanding success in their careers.

Srinivas gave away certificates to the Assistant Collectors under Training, Group I Officers, and others, who successfully completed the e-Learning Modules, formulated by the DoPT.  He also gave away prizes to the MES Probationers for the best Village Visit and TREK Presentations.