Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

Blue moon will be seen tonight, forming a Moon-Saturn alliance

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New Delhi, August 30 (HS): This year, there were two Shravan months due to Shravan-Adhik month. Due to this, this time two full moons have come on August 30 and 31. The blue moon will be visible in the sky on the first full moon night of August 30 and the full moon on August 31. Although its geographical reasons are different, The Moon-Saturn-Saturnce will also be formed on Wednesday night.

Giving scientific information about the geographical phenomenon of the formation of the Blue Moon, Dr. R.P. Gupta, superintendent in charge of Jivaji Observatory, said that when two full moons come in a month, then the moon of the second full moon is called the Blue Moon. He said that there was a full moon on August 1, and now there is a full moon on August 30, Wednesday, in the month of August itself. In such a situation, the full moon on August 30 will be called the Blue Moon. On the other hand, according to astrological calculations, August 31 will be considered a full moon.

He said that in the case of a blue moon, the colour of the moon is not blue. The moon appears to be shining with a full aura on a full moon night, according to the season. Due to the Moon-Earth approach on August 30, the size of the moon will appear comparatively larger and brighter.

Dr. Gupta said that on Wednesday only a moon-saturn conjunction will be formed. Yuti means to be near. According to evening calculations, on Wednesday, August 30, the Moon will be in Aquarius at 29 degrees 20 minutes and Saturn will be in Pisces at 3 degrees 37 minutes. In this way, both celestial bodies will be at a distance of 4 degrees 7 minutes in angular form. In such a situation, when the sky is clear, Saturn can be seen shining under the moon on Wednesday night.

Dr. Gupta said that a telescope is not required to see both astronomical phenomena. It can be seen only with open eyes. The only condition is that the sky should be clear, there should be no clouds, etc.