Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

Baba Shots app to spread Baba Saheb’s thoughts across the world

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Producer-Director Sanjiv Jaiswal launches the app 

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Lucknow,  15 April  (HS) :     To mark the 130th birth anniversary of Baba Saheb  Bhim Rao Ambedkar, a digital social platform Baba Shots was launched here on Wednesday for the entire Ambedkrait society. It is a full-fledged Indian social media entertainment app. Its aim is to awaken the society through entertainment and to spread the thoughts of Baba Saheb to the country and the world.

Baba Shots is a short video presenting app.  Same as a Chinese app Tik-Tok, which was recently banned. After that, many apps made in the country, came in the market, the main ones are MX Player’s Taka-Tuck, Instagram Reelz, Spark, Radish etc.

The Producer-Director Sanjiv  Jaiswal, who launched the app of Baba Shots, said that now the country has its own social media platform for crores of Ambedkritis through which we will be able to spread Baba Saheb’s ideas far and wide.  People who believe in Baba Saheb and are spread across the world will be able to organize on one platform, he said.

Sanjiv  Jaiswal became recognized in the Dalit society after the controversy that arose after the film Shudra – The Rising.  Millions of the world’s Ambedkerite had supported them, then they were able to release  Shudra film in the Theatres.

Director Sanjiv Jaiswal says that the Baba Shots social media app is our loving gift to all the Ambedkritis. He has called upon the youth of Dalit society to download this app from Google Play Store in maximum number, create and share videos.  Make the whole world realize your power by making Baba Shots the world’s no.1 shorts video social media app.