Tue. Oct 27th, 2020

Amitabh Bachchan praises healthcare workers

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New Delhi, July 30 (HS) Amitabh Bachchanon Wednesday shared a heartfelt note for healthcare workers who are putting themselves at risk and dedicating their time and energy towards batting the novel coronavirus. The actor is undergoing treatment for Covid-19 at Mumbai’s Nanavati Hospital. Big B also shared the prayers that his doctors and nurses at the hospital recite each day. He called them ‘God’s own angels in white PPE units’.

Sharing two photographs of the prayers that the healthcare workers recite, Big B wrote on Twitter, “They work in extreme conditions, so our conditions are safe .. the Gods own angels in white PPE units, Doctors, nurses, support staff .. yet they still take time out to pray for who they struggle to cure – their patients! This be their prayer everyday (sic).”

He also penned a blog post, praising the healthcare workers. “They that relentlessly, selflessly, dedicate their time energy and care as warriors that battle against the Covid to bring relief and abandonment from the dreaded virus for their patients, also bring prayer to the Almighty forces with folded hands for relief (sic),” wrote the actor.

He added, “Here where I lie in treatment under them at Nanavati Hospital they share with me their prayers that they recite each day… they care not for their own condition, but care for the condition of them they nurse .. to send them back healthy to their loved ones .. they are the Gods in white .. they we honour .. they we admire and have the greatest respect for.

“They have not seen their loved ones for months .. they remain on the premises and within minutes are ready to rush to any situation that may arise .. ready to bring succour and relief .. ready to bring a smile on our faces; on the faces of ours (sic).”