Thu. Mar 30th, 2023

Academic degrees are not enough to become good officers: S Niranjan Reddy

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Reddy said that merely high level of Intelligence Quotient and a long list of academic degrees are not enough for people to become good officers.

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Hyderabad (Telangana), June 26 (HS): Minister for Agriculture, Co-operation, Marketing, Food & Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs S. Niranjan Reddy inaugurated the 2nd Foundation Course (FC) for Group –I Officers of Telangana State, being conducted by Dr MCR HRD Institute. The FC attended by 59 Group–I Officers, includes Probationary Deputy Collector, Deputy Superintendents of Police, District Panchayat Officers, Mandal Parishad Development Officers, and Assistant Audit Officers.

Reddy said that merely high level of Intelligence Quotient and a long list of academic degrees are not enough for people to become good officers. Instead, he added, the real pre requisites for emerging as successful leaders are high Emotional Intelligence, learning continuously from their day– to–day experiences of life, understanding the root causes of problems of people, and finding enduring solutions to them.

He also said that even though employees in Government sector constitute a tiny percentage, they, through continuous learning from multifarious sources and dedication to bring about a positive change, can transform the face of the Telangana State and there by create multifarious developmental opportunities for people, including the weaker sections.

While the movement for getting separate Telangana state was important in its own right, it is not the end in itself. “The struggle should continue unabated, with the same zeal, till the ultimate objectives of this movement, namely, “Neellu, Nidhulu, and Niyamakalu” are achieved and the dream of “Bangaru Telangana” is fully realized.

Reddy stated, with a sense of pride that unlike other States, Telangana is extremely rich in terms of its human and physical resources and the Government, through an array of innovative schemes in the domains of agriculture, services, and business has been ensuring their optimum utilization. He cited the example of Kaleshwaram Project which will not only give a big boost to agriculture but will also have great multiplier effect in terms of development of poultry, dairy, fisheries, etc. which will result in multifaceted development of the State.

B P Acharya,  Spl. Chief Secretary & DG, Dr MCR HRD Institute said that the knowledge gained in the FC will be of great help to the Group–I Officers in performing their duties in an effective fashion by going beyond their job charts. He stated that the FC will also expose them to the unique challenges of the new State of Telangana and their role in making it a model to be emulated by other States across the county .“While inputs will be provided in different subjects, the focus will be on enriching the people–related skills and Emotional Quotient of the Group–I Officers, which will go a long way in determining their ultimate success both on professional and personal fronts.

Niranjan Reddy released a Handbook on RTI Act and also Course Manual for the FC. He presented mementos to eight Assistant Collectors under Training allotted to Telangana State.