Fri. Sep 17th, 2021

9/11 could have been averted if Vivekananda’s message was accepted by world, claims Prez

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Seeks more participation of fair sex in judiciary?

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PRAYAGRAJ, September 11 (HS): President Ram Nath Kovind cited Swami Vivekananda’s message of peace, justice and cooperation delivered at the 1983 Chicago World Conference of Religions, saying that if the message delivered on September 11, 1893 had been accepted by the world, the horrific events of the 9/11 terror attacks in the United States could have been avoided.

The President made the comment during a speech commemorating the laying of the foundation stone for the new National Law University in Prayagraj on Saturday. ?On this day 128 years ago, at the Chicago World Conference of Religion, Swami Vivekananda presented Indian philosophy and religion to the world. He demonstrated that Indian culture is built on the principles of fairness, empathy, and cooperation. The world would not have had to witness the 9/11 2001 onslaught on mankind if Vivekananda’s message had been accepted in 1893, according to Kovind. President also emphasised the importance of ensuring social justice while also mentioning the Allahabad High Court’s contribution to the Indian freedom movement, intellectual tradition and the legal luminaries it has created.

President Kovind also pointed out the lack of women in the legal profession, stating that the new university would help to increase women’s participation in the profession as students and lecturers. “Women are more concerned with the rule of law and justice. ?It is in their nature, thinking and sanskar…,? President Kovind remarked, adding that “the society would become more just when there is greater participation of women in all professions, including the judiciary.” The President stated that there are currently less than 12% women judges in the higher judiciary when looking at the total number of judges in the high courts and Supreme Court, which needs to be rectified at the earliest and more participation of fair sex in judiciary need to be ensured.