Fri. Nov 27th, 2020

Indian film industry is somewhat male dominated : Advaita Kala

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Bhopal, June 24 (HS)
In an online lecture series on ‘Stree Shakti Samvad’, organized by Makhanlal Chaturvedi National Journalism and Communication University, noted film screenwriter and novelist Advaita Kala has said that Indian films can play an important role in promoting women empowerment. Indian culture and thought process must also be included in the screenplay writing. Film writing has immense possibilities on issues related to women, Indian traditions etc. People are often inclined towards such topics.
In her lecture on ‘New Time Screenplay Writing’, Advaita said that it is believed that you are an author only til your book is published but it is not so, if you have a good writing skills, you definitely get a chance. She said that the Indian film business is considered to be somewhat male dominated. To some extent this is true but it is not that women have not achieved success in film industry.
She said that whatever you are writing must be copyrighted. Piracy is one of the biggest problems in the field of writing. Do not share your thoughts and ideas with everyone. She further said that while writing try to associate yourself with the story. Writing can be given a new direction based on one’s own experiences. Writing needs to be done with the mind.
She informed the students present that while writing the of the film ‘Kahaani’, she was deeply affected by the Mumbai terror attacks, which can be seen in the film. She further added that the film writing is based on teamwork.